Introducing Banned America

Banned America began in March 2019 in response to conservative news networks’ spinelessness to cover REAL NEWS, and instead, apologize for offenses at every turn. Founder, John Block had just about enough when he heard of Judge Jeanine Pirro’s suspension from Fox News due to her questions about an extremist member of Congress. He took a long, hard look at the conservative personalities he once defended and realized that a majority of these key players are persecuted, banned, or silenced. And just like that, Banned Americawas born.

Banned America prides itself on delivering blunt, fair, and newsworthy content, that pushes the envelope, and gives a voice to REAL Americans whose voices are rarely heard otherwise. The breakthrough podcast and open-ended comment section allow for a fully-open debate between real Americans and real issues.

By covering those silenced by the media for telling the truth, always backed up by facts, supporting President Trump, and saying it exactly like it is, the Fake News and the D.C. swamp creatures are sure to run the other direction! At Banned America, there are no limits, for, on this website, we are truly free!

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