Mayor Pete: The ‘Climate Change’ Hypocrite

In recent weeks, South Bend, Ind. Mayor Pete Buttigieg has been bolstering his crusade against dissenters on the issue of “climate change,” even going so far as to call it “a kind of sin” during a CNN town hall. Immediately afterward, he told people who eat cheeseburgers or drink through plastic straws “part of the problem.”

Ironically, Buttigieg was publicly caught eating cheeseburgers and sipping through EVIL plastic straws.

Previously, Buttigieg endorsed Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, which he called “the right beginning.” In reality, the measure would devastate the oil & gas industry, call for the extermination of bovine flatulence, force the reconstruction of nearly every structure, and cost $52-93 trillion to the American taxpayer.

For someone so self-righteous about the whole “climate change” conspiracy theory, Buttigieg sure uses carbon like it’s going out of style. According to an AP report, Buttigieg spent around $300,000 on private jet travel this year, outspending all of his Democrat rivals. His campaign defended the outrageous spending by saying they “fly commercial as often as possible.” 

But even more outrageous than the South Bend Mayor’s snobbish flying preferences is his past of wining and dining with millionaire oil & gas tycoons while claiming to support “net-zero carbon emissions by 2030,” which is what the Green New Deal calls for. Just last month, Buttigieg attended a lavish fundraising brunch at the swanky Santa Fe, NM glass mansion of Mickey and Jeanne Klein, who made their millions off of “oil and gas exploration and production.” 

If Buttigieg were truly a die-hard enviro-nut, as he claims to be, he wouldn’t be caught dead sipping mimosas and devouring Eggs Benedict with such company; He would be yelling on their front lawn with a sandwich board reading “Save the Polar Bears.” 

In reality, it looks like Pete Buttigieg chose to compromise his supposed morals (which he loves to preach about so often) for a few thousand dollars in campaign cash. Some people would probably use the overused saying that “politics makes strange bedfellows” to describe this situation, but I will not be so kind.

Pete Buttigieg has preached and shouted his self-righteousness since day one of his campaign, even quoting scripture (out of context) to smear Vice President Mike Pence as a bigot. But I contend that if Mayor Pete wants to start a holy war, then he has to defend his actions. 

James 1:22 (NIV) says “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” If Mayor Pete claims eating cheeseburgers, driving cars, and sipping through plastic straws are “kind[s] of sin,” yet, he flies on private jets to the homes of millionaire oil tycoons, he is a hypocrite. For too long, Mayor Pete has been given the benefit of the doubt, being able to say one thing and do another. Pete Buttigieg is a climate change hypocrite, plain and simple.

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