Where’s Pete Buttigieg’s Outrage Over Sharia Law?

Each day, gay people fear for their lives in Muslim countries, with the threat of Sharia Law, a widely-practiced, oppressive doctrine. In recent years, stories have broken, showing ISIS throwing gay men off of buildings and then stoning them to death. This year, 40 people were detained, and two died during a ‘gay purge’ in Chechnya, and the Sultan of Brunei just approved a law that would punish homosexuality with death by stoning.

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Sultan of Brunei (TIME)

While the Left has obsessed for weeks over South Bend, IN Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s presidential candidacy as “the first gay person” in the race, he has capitalized on the Left’s obsession by demonizing Vice President Pence for his Christian values. Buttigieg hasn’t pulled any punches, calling the Vice President the “cheerleader of the porn star presidency,” and invoking his “creator” in low blows to Pence. Buttigieg has even gone so far as to repeat the term “Pharisee” to describe the former Indiana governor, which has sparked harsh criticism from Jews, including The Jerusalem Post, calling the slur anti-Semitic.

Mayor Buttigieg is trying to use Mike Pence’s beliefs as a political wedge, even though Pence has never said a derogatory thing about him. In fact, Pence has been quite civil with the mayor throughout the years, before and after Buttigieg “coming out.” There are still Facebook posts on Buttigieg’s profile showing how civil Pence was with the South Bend mayor, attending the city’s events, and having coffee with the mayor.

Photograph from Mayor Buttigieg’s Facebook page, showing Mike Pence at an event in South Bend.
2015 photo showing Mike Pence having coffee with Buttigieg at a function. (ABC)

So, with all this talk about how Pete Buttigieg supposedly supports gay rights, where is his outrage about the execution of gay people in the Middle East being thrown off of buildings and flogged to death? Why just now is Mayor Pete deciding to go after Mike Pence on the topic of sexual orientation? Does he actually care about gay people? No. He is using his sexuality to boost his poll numbers, and going after Mike Pence is naturally the low-hanging fruit.

Screenshot from ISIS video, showing a gay man being thrown off of a building.

Mike Pence and President Trump have worked tirelessly to stop the culprits of human rights violations, including the largest perpetrator: ISIS. Under the Trump Administration, the terrorist group that once held major territory in Iraq and Syria has been eradicated from the Earth. During the 2016 Republican National Convention, then-candidate Trump declared he would protect gay people from the violence and oppression stemming from Islamic extremists’ “hateful foreign ideology.” Trump and Pence have both made good on that promise.

If Pete Buttigieg really cared about gay people, he would denounce the mass slaughter of them in Muslim countries and would speak out against Sharia Law, which preaches horrific pain and murder. Buttigieg is showing his true colors by his selective outrage over these issues when they are beneficial for him but doesn’t care about the thousands of actually oppressed men and women all over the world who do not have the luxury of living in a country not governed by hatred. Is it a surprise that Buttigieg has no problem with making anti-Semitic comments, and refusing to denounce the slaughter of gay people in Muslim countries? You decide.

Pete Buttigieg is a disgrace to our beautiful nation, and his fear-mongering, calumny against Mike Pence, and political victimhood over his sexual orientation show us exactly what is wrong with affirmative action politics. He will do anything for a vote, but when it comes to real crises, “Mayor Pete” is nowhere to be found.

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